100 Days Project

Robyn: Things that bring me happiness

I have never though of myself as a creative person but I have been inspired by my sister who is doing this for the 2nd year, so thank you sis.

My project is about taking a photo everyday of something that makes me smile and brings me happiness. I won't plan in advance what it will be, I will simply photograph whatever it is I notice on the day that makes me feel good. I want to do this to get into the habit of appreciating all the good things in life on a daily basis.

This project is also about learning how to use my camera and all the settings. I don't know much about photography but I really love it ever since I was given a camera last year. I work well with deadlines rather than left to my own devices, so it will be a good way to get the motivation to push myself to learn about photography and use something other than the programmed setting. I want to try taking different types of photos and to learn about what makes a photo look good.

Day 1:

The Sun

While I was driving along to a doctors appointment this morning I saw a lovely rainbow and thought "damn, I should have brought my camera!"

Then sitting down with a coffeee and a timtam I thought "this gives me pleasure, perhaps I should take a photo of this", but the timtam got eaten instead!

The weather here has been amazing today. Strong winds that whistle, rain and a rainbow, big puffy white and grey clouds that keep whizzing by, and of course the nice warm sun with lots of blue sky too. Sometimes the wind can be annoying but today it is so refreshing and I'm enjoying the sound of it blowing everything around wildly. So I thought I'd have a go at taking a photo of the wind. It was harder than you think! I tried taking a photo of a tree blowing but it was nothing special and felt it didn't capture my enjoyment of it. Plus the sun kept getting in the way...along comes a brilliant thought...why not try taking a photo of the sun?! After all it is the sun that created the rainbow this morning and it was the sun I was enjoying at the kitchen table while I ate lunch. I'm no great photographer and have always taken outside photos with the sun behind as that's just what you do, but why not do something different?!  

So here is my first photo and I must say I am rather pleased and proud of myself :-)