100 Days Project

Claudia: Vinyl and pixels

I was born 100 years after Thomas Edison first invented the phonograph. I grew up in the era of 70s and 80's vinyl, now I listen to, write and record music in ones, zeros and pixels. During the 100 day project I am documenting my current songwriting processes, from voice memos and notes on my phone to snaps of my workspaces and inspirations. This covers a lot of new writing as well as rewriting and editing of songs in progress.

Day 1:


Every day I go about my life, and funny small details of conversations, moments, textures, sights, sounds, places and people filter into my writing. This is a mosaic wall outside Mainz that I pass often on my way to work/ and I always think to myself I should just divert and walk in those doors as id like to be making music all day everyday if I could!!