100 Days Project

Mallory: 100 days of Heroines

I am greatly inspired by comic books and have a love for creating super powers. For mainstream comics, I would like to see more women featured as lead heroines who have the ability to transform the world. For a 100 days I will be creating a picture and a short excerpt of a heroine and her super power.

Day 1:

Lady Pisces 

Defender of the ocean and all it's life. Horrified at the pollution and destruction of the seas, Lady Pisces has answered the call to protection the ocean and her home life. 

She calls the powers of the sea to answer her powers. She can harness the power of water, communicate to marine wildlife and they, in respect to her, answer her commands. 

Her hair, the colour of many shades of the ocean and her super hero costume (although not included) would be black with blue-like fish scales. 

In San Tropolis, near the sea, Lady Pisces along with the RFA (Revolutionary Femme Alliance) fight the conglomerates that seek to destroy our world through natural and social destruction. 

Reflection: in some ways I like to think I embody Lady Pisces' charactericts of a strong, independent and revolutionary woman who want to, in some way, change the world for the better. We need more Lady Pisces in this world!