100 Days Project

Jonathan: Codey wodey and spinny winny Spanish stuff.

I'm gonna learn to code using codeacademy.com and also teach myself how to use glow poi. (One skill that has practical use and the other is just awesome!) and just for shits and gigs, my mate PMd me on Facebook to learn Spanish with him. Bring on the duolingo.

Day 10:

Day 10. Jammin out at Shakedown

Sorry gaiz!! A day late!

Rest assured, I still did my thang and filmed it (just couldn't upload till now - excuses, excuses).

Anywho, didn't really focus on doing anything new today, just having fun with it whilst the music blasted. Really only got to have a go for a few minutes before being constantly accosted by fellow patrons who wanted to have a turn.

Great way to meet new people it seems :)