100 Days Project

Travis: Scattered words

After last years more structured effort (which ended up being very time consuming) my goal is simply to set aside some time to write everyday. Fragments of poetry, song, short stories, novels every day for 100 days.

The droplets splatter on my head and shoulders plastering my hair to my face. I pick up my pace to a brisk walk, seeking to dodge in between the streaks that fall around me. They cascade off the antennas of the buildings surrounding me, Gargoyles leering down from their rooftop perches.

I find momentary sanctuary in the doorway of a Thai noodle place, the delicious aromas circling around me awakening pangs of hunger in my belly, reminding me that I haven't eaten since the night before. I think about swiping a bowl from the counter top, however the haggard60 year old behind the counter seems like he doesn't need another problem in his life, so I give him a nod as he eyes me up and venture back out into the downpour.

I make my way from door way to doorway, as if I was being watched my some hidden sniper (and who's to say I wasn't in that moment. The alternating heat and sounds of conversation from the doorways making the cold of the rain seem infintely worse.

Other shadowy forms huddle together here and there, other refugees seeking shelter and warmth where they can. Paranoid thoughts make me circle around and cross the street so I can watch them as I walk by. I can't know if they are the ones that were asking about me this morning so I don't risk it. They watch me from underneath darkened hoods. Laughter erupts as I pass them and I feel silly for leeting my mind get to me.

I stop at the foot of a long set of stone steps that wind upwards towards the cathedral on the hill. I steel myself before slowely beginning my ascent.

Day 10:

Down the drain