100 Days Project

Mallory: 100 days of Heroines

I am greatly inspired by comic books and have a love for creating super powers. For mainstream comics, I would like to see more women featured as lead heroines who have the ability to transform the world. For a 100 days I will be creating a picture and a short excerpt of a heroine and her super power.

Day 10:


Andromeda: Comet Commander. She has the ability to call forth a meteor shower and with her Sagittarian bow, use the meteor as arrows. She is a skilled archer and warrior. She is an instrumental RFA warrior for her ability. 

By day she is an astronomer and parttime astrologer. She works at the San Tropolis Observatory where she studies the planets and basks in the glory of the night sky. She is often introverted and provides pensive, thoughtful insight on the RFA through her deep internal reflection. 

Deep purple hair and purple eyes, she is unique and otherworldly. 

All calibre of women should be represented. All Women are unique and Andromeda represents this celebration of differences.