100 Days Project

Claudia: Vinyl and pixels

I was born 100 years after Thomas Edison first invented the phonograph. I grew up in the era of 70s and 80's vinyl, now I listen to, write and record music in ones, zeros and pixels. During the 100 day project I am documenting my current songwriting processes, from voice memos and notes on my phone to snaps of my workspaces and inspirations. This covers a lot of new writing as well as rewriting and editing of songs in progress.

Day 100:

Walking to work

This 100 days have gone by so quick, and I still have way too many songs to finish that I didn't get to tackle. I've started lots of new ones in this time as well as completing rewrites, so while this project has helped to crystallise a lot of ideas, it's also made me realise I need to put equal amounts of time into finishing, recording and performing otherwise these songs will remain silent words on a page. Tomorrow my gran turns 95, and my new goal is going to be getting my songs published so she can hear them in her lifetime, especially the ones I've written for and about her. Next week I'll be in the studio completing my kids lullaby album which is the home straight of 8 years work, and out of this body of work I have a collection of tributes to give away, heaps of new kids material, plus the germ of an idea to do a collection of songs about inspiring NZ women from our history.  Onwards!