100 Days Project

Jonathan: Codey wodey and spinny winny Spanish stuff.

I'm gonna learn to code using codeacademy.com and also teach myself how to use glow poi. (One skill that has practical use and the other is just awesome!) and just for shits and gigs, my mate PMd me on Facebook to learn Spanish with him. Bring on the duolingo.

Day 12:

Day 12. Busky wusk.

Today's effort wasn't too great.

I found a local busker who let me jam with him, which in theory is cool as it gives me confidence and stuff, but I think there may have been some performance anxiety.

My method of approach was - get in, do the thing, get out. As quickly as possible.

This would have been fine I guess, however it meant that I wasn't actually paying attention to what I was doing and rushed (therefore my vid shows me spinning on wonky planes) therefore I'm just uploading a pic (screenshot) of it today.