100 Days Project

Mallory: 100 days of Heroines

I am greatly inspired by comic books and have a love for creating super powers. For mainstream comics, I would like to see more women featured as lead heroines who have the ability to transform the world. For a 100 days I will be creating a picture and a short excerpt of a heroine and her super power.

Day 16:

Noir: vivacious vixen

Noir has the ability to blend with shadows, she can increase and decrease her awareness to others by tricks of light. 

she is a throwback dame of the 1940s and inspired by Nancy Wake, an adventurous New Zealand-born Australian. She reminds me of my roots and how they are nurtured by two countries whom I call home. She was a World War Two spy for the British and likewise, Noir is a spy within Conglomorate corp where she gathers intel. 

We need women like Noir to remind ourselves to be adventurous, to take risks and to ultimately do what is right.