100 Days Project

Nanogirl: Star Science

Nanogirl wants to find 100 friends to do science experiments with her to prove that no matter who you are or what your education level, you can always have fun with science.

Day 18:

Ollie teaches me about measuring distance and perspective

Ollie has just taken up archery and impressed me with his incredible skills and technical equipment (I've only ever seen the older style wooden sets).

As he was showing me how it worked, Olly explained the science behind the sight mechanism which has graded points to help you aim at your target based on the distance that it is at.

This is involves understanding distance, perspective of distance objects and applying enough force to ensure the arrow travels far enough to hit your target.

I didn't have time to get into the complexities of the pulley systems involved in this high tech sport but I did learn that there is a lot more science to modern archery than I originally thought!