100 Days Project

Robyn: Things that bring me happiness

I have never though of myself as a creative person but I have been inspired by my sister who is doing this for the 2nd year, so thank you sis.

My project is about taking a photo everyday of something that makes me smile and brings me happiness. I won't plan in advance what it will be, I will simply photograph whatever it is I notice on the day that makes me feel good. I want to do this to get into the habit of appreciating all the good things in life on a daily basis.

This project is also about learning how to use my camera and all the settings. I don't know much about photography but I really love it ever since I was given a camera last year. I work well with deadlines rather than left to my own devices, so it will be a good way to get the motivation to push myself to learn about photography and use something other than the programmed setting. I want to try taking different types of photos and to learn about what makes a photo look good.

Day 2:

Tea, tea, and more tea!

I learnt from yesterday so have had my camera within arms reach since breakfast ;-)

Today has been once of those days where you wake up feeling and thinking life is great and the possibilities endless! Everything makes me smile today, so I had lots of fun taking photos of all sorts...from my breakfast of porridge with blueberries to watching my 15 month old load up the washing machine for me :-)

But I have settled on some photos of an outing this morning to a new part of Melbourne we haven't visited before. What I discovered just made my day...a tea shop! We have only been in Melbourne 3 months and it sure does have a few more shops than little ole Nelson does! But the trick is knowing what is where...and I suspect that will take some time.

So it really made my day to come across this shop. Tins of tea from floor to ceiling, teapots, teacups, it seemed endless and the customer service was top notch...it was tea heaven!

Thank you universe for showing me where the tea shop is and now I'm off to enjoy a brew of Japanese Green Sencha with Roasted Rice, mmmmm!