100 Days Project

*~Lynn~: Books and boxes

Embarking on a creative journey using mixed media, boxes, books, imagination and determination.

I have a craft room filled with half finished projects, art journals, sketch books, re-purposed books, mini albums and little boxes I always intend to make into an art piece some day. Now is my chance to use my stash of lovely art supplies and finish some art journal pages and repurpose some boxes. Who knows I may get back my mojo, create some more spontaneous art and tidy up my art space! Is 100 days enough time? Are we there yet?

Day 2:

Digital art using Adobe Photoshop

Saturday 12th July: no size- no photo -no go. Have tried every ap resize and rename and still unable to load my day 2 . Stuggling with technology. Have spent more time coming to terms with the uploading process and bugs than I have with todays creative effort. I suppose it is all part of the process. 

Finally manage to load a digital page I created yesterday while I was feeling frustrated with computers.