100 Days Project

Jonathan: Codey wodey and spinny winny Spanish stuff.

I'm gonna learn to code using codeacademy.com and also teach myself how to use glow poi. (One skill that has practical use and the other is just awesome!) and just for shits and gigs, my mate PMd me on Facebook to learn Spanish with him. Bring on the duolingo.

Day 2:

So today, I took a vid of poi practice. Took what I learned yesterday and tried to add the ability to turn around whilst doing it. Yep. That's pretty much it.

re the coding - I did that too, but the tablet I'm using didn't seem to like recreating the airbnb website so much and froze before I got a tenth of the way in (there's 98 days to go! So as long as I've done something for today!)

and last but not least, duolingo. Yep. Did that too. As I said, not gonna post update pics, just gonna splice a few Spanish things into the poi vids as I get more comfy. But if you're curious, I nearly have enough ingots to dress my owl like Hugh Hefner :)