100 Days Project

Sin-Mae: Reflect, Retrace & Reminisce

For the next 100 Days I will be painting and sketching photographs taken at NZ's finest fashion shows and events. In a highly active, fast pace environment like runways shows a photographer only has time to react, composing and taking the photograph. Being an artist I love taking my time to observe my subjects, the fabric, the movement, the shadows. So for my project I shall revisit some of my favourite photographs and reflect, retrace and reminisce through drawing & painting.

Day 2:

DAY TWO: Another photograph taken at Britomart Fashion Sessions. I was absolutely taken with this dress... The way the fabric moved as the model walked down the runway was captivating, I wanted to capture the folds in the dress through drawing. Pardon the sad quality of the picture, this was taken with my cellphone.. Shall reload it later if the website allows me to.