100 Days Project

Nanogirl: Star Science

Nanogirl wants to find 100 friends to do science experiments with her to prove that no matter who you are or what your education level, you can always have fun with science.

Day 21:

Jeremy Redmore plays with centripetal force

Jeremy Redmore, former Midnight Youth lead singer was launching his solo album 'Clouds are Alive' tonight. After playing a whole set, I figured he might need some science to end his day so introduced the concept of centripetal force by giving him a stick with some strips of ribbon tied to the top and to a moving plate in the middle. 

Newton's First Law of Motion states that objects at rest tend to stay at rest and those moving in a straight line continue to move that way, unless an outside force acts on them. To move an object along a curved line, a force must pull it towards the center. The ribbons want to move away from the stick in a straight line but were tied at both ends. The faster he spun the stick, the higher the tension force which equals the centripetal force and by changing this force he was able to create the appearance of different curved shapes with the ribbon.