100 Days Project

Catherine's Garden: To capture my garden’s transformation from winter to spring.

It is mid winter and my garden lies dormant and neglected. Over the next 100 days I will record it's progress and mine as we both wake up to spring!
This is not only going to teach me an awful lot about gardening but also about downloading images. I can see I am going to learn a lot!

Day 26:

The Garden Shed

When I started the garden project I bought a kitset garden shed. Murray put it together for me and my plan was to stack the fire wood in it. But we have had a lot of rain this year and the wood was very wet I decided to wait for it to dry out a bit more first. 

Now winter is nearly over and there's not much wood left. So instead I have put the garden tools inside the shed which is great beacuse they have a home and are easy to find. After all that's what garden sheds are supposed to be used for. 

I'll stack the firewood in there next year................maybe.