100 Days Project

Amy: LIES we tell our kids

I will collect the lies we tell our kids, for their own good or otherwise.
Let's get philosophical.

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Day 27:

long haul

We're off on a summer holiday road trip on Sunday. We won't be driving more than three hours, most days, but even that is longer than the kids' average nap time. But, you know, fingers crossed. We'll be on the road for three weeks, so my 100 days updates will perhaps be a little rougher, a little more often text-only.

When we flew back to NZ last christmas it was 24 hours on planes, each way. The kids did remarkably well but the promise of endless television and snacks still couldn't erase the dread at the beginning of another day-long flight.

We want them calm for travel, happy to sit and be entertained, to drift off to sleep in the (futile) hope that when they wake they can get up and DO SOMETHING.

It ain't gonna happen.