100 Days Project

Catherine's Garden: To capture my garden’s transformation from winter to spring.

It is mid winter and my garden lies dormant and neglected. Over the next 100 days I will record it's progress and mine as we both wake up to spring!
This is not only going to teach me an awful lot about gardening but also about downloading images. I can see I am going to learn a lot!

Day 28:

Nosey neighbours

It was very crowded under the lounge window. The red hot pokers were stunted. The antirrhinums had decided they wanted to grow there instead and were growing into the pokers.

Nature obviously new what it was doing. The antirrhinums looked much better there.

So I took the pokers out and put them in behind the bath with the grasses. Hopefully they will enjoy that spot more. It certainly sparked a lot of interest from next door.