100 Days Project

Chrissies Creatures: Did you know ?

...this unique aspect about this creature !

Day 28:


Elephants have a hierarchy within their group. In a captive environment this includes their handlers. The handler always matches the hierarchical position of the elephant they work with.

The head elephant is number one and it's handler receives the same respect from all those below which are the sub-ordinate elephants.

Number 2 elephant and its handler take precedence over their sub-ordinates being number 3 downwards , including their handlers but Number one elephant will not work with Number 2 handler. However, Number 2 elephant will work with Number one handler.

- this may be a family group or a group of elephants brought together in captivity in Sanctuaries, Zoo's, working elephants etc.

I do not advocate the capture of wild animals for human abuse and monetary gain - many elephants are being rescued from harm and abuse and placed in sanctuaries and reserves that enable them to live their lives out in a protected environment with other elephants - understand that many cannot be released to the wild as they do not have the skills or the necessary instincts to survive including those that were born in captivity.