100 Days Project

Stella: 100 Ways To Tell You About That Night

Each day for 100, Gordon sets out to describe that night to The Tempest. And each day he struggles to reach for any words that fit. (I will try to share the first paragraph from each piece, but for copyright reasons will keep the majority of the text private).

When I wake up this morning there’s a dull empty ache that at first I’m sure is related to hunger.  I couldn’t eat last night and I noticed you didn’t either.  Your mum made baked potatoes and Joseph loaded his with salt and butter and had several helpings and made it look damn good.  You twirled your fork around and around and when you thought that no one was noticing anymore you delivered your meal to the compost and then you were safe behind your bedroom door and I’d lost any appetite.  Lately that’s been happening and I didn’t know that any girl but Jessie could make that happen.

Day 3:

Day 3.