100 Days Project

Juliane: 100 Characters in 100 Days

I'm trying to create a character every day - a new character based on something I've dreamed or on something which inspired me during the day (I also have some old characters from old stories or dreams which I can use, just in case there are some days I can't come up with a new one).
The aim for me is to train drawing persons and different creatures. And fun, of course :)

Day 3:

003 - Svenja

This day we watched "How To Train Your Dragon" and I had the idea of a girl from a neighbour island coming to visit Berk and being really scared of everything, so of course also of all the dragons. And then she learns to be brave and also gets herself a dragon egg and later a baby dragon.

I called her Svenja because one meaning for this name is "little warrioress" and I thought it would be a nice contrast because she isn't very warlike, at least at the beginning.

I really don't know what I have done to her one arm o.O And yessss, colours! :3

(character inspired by a movie)