100 Days Project

Jeannie Burnside: ? to ? - The Makings Of My Graduate Project

I will be using my next 100 days to document the development and experimentation that takes place on my journey of creating and completing my Whitecliffe graduate project.

Day 3:

The Blue Collection

I spent the afternoon researching and retrieving images of FMCG brands Homebrand and Signature Range. I found that within each brand's product range a select group of colours (typically red, blue, yellow, green and occasionally orange, purple and pink) were used to differentiate between flavours/scents within each range. 

It is perfectly acceptable system for differentiating between different flavours, but when grouped together just as the colour 'blue' the mix of products that the colour gathers is interesting.
Is there is a particular consumer group in mind that relates to each colour?
Does one colour represent everything we need to live?