100 Days Project

Mallory: 100 days of Heroines

I am greatly inspired by comic books and have a love for creating super powers. For mainstream comics, I would like to see more women featured as lead heroines who have the ability to transform the world. For a 100 days I will be creating a picture and a short excerpt of a heroine and her super power.

Day 3:

Bombshell, Flame thrower's sultry twin, is gifted with the ability to ignite the natural environment within 100 m. She can transfer dust, grass, trees and any other organic matter into gun powder.

Nicknamed 'Red', her role in the RFA is recon. Unless completely necessary, she refrains from using her power as she knows the deep destruction caused by fire. Instead she resorts to using her feminine wiles elicit information.

Long, flowing auburn hair and aquamarine eyes equates to a balance of nature necessary for self control. Water and fire are destructive but used moderately and respectfully they can warm and heal.

As women we need forbearance when it comes to power. The absolute pursuit of power corrupts people and as women, for centuries, we have watched it come to pass. In following suit with the examples from the pass, feminism (equality for both men and women) will be turned on its head. But, with tolerance and self discipline, women in power will provide a positive influence in the world.