100 Days Project

Catherine's Garden: To capture my garden’s transformation from winter to spring.

It is mid winter and my garden lies dormant and neglected. Over the next 100 days I will record it's progress and mine as we both wake up to spring!
This is not only going to teach me an awful lot about gardening but also about downloading images. I can see I am going to learn a lot!

Day 31:

Free form gardening

Another cold start today. -0.1 deg under our verrandah at 9am. There was a good frost. Quite possibly the coldest morning so far this year. Luckily because it was Sunday I was able to wait until things thawed out before venturing outside.

 I didn't work on any one specific thing today, just did lots of watering and tidying and trimming. Whatever took my fancy really. Normally I only garden occasionally and it's always catching up on the weeding. By doing a little bit every day I am getting on top of things and able to be a bit more creative. I can see how gardening can become addictive. 

We went down to the Hira store for more pea straw and I also picked up some calendula plants and more rainbow spinach. I think my four legged gardening companion may have dug the last lot out. Looks like the rabbits have eaten the bok choy too. Ahhh life in the country!


Murray mowed the lawns which always makes the garden look better and continued working on his track around the back. He cut some steps down the bank. I cleared some plants away from the new pathway and plan to put some gravel there tomorrow.