100 Days Project

Jeanine: What floats my boat

Jeanine : What floats my boat
My operation: making and exchanging paper boats.
This year I am going to convince total strangers to make paper boats for me. Testing on my friends and family I realized that most people have forgotten how to do it! I guess this year I will spend my time on teaching how it is done.
Leaving some paper boats behind with a message to find me will be a little side project to see if any of my boats will trace me back.
If you want to see what floats my boat - watch this space!

Also visit: www.joxart.co.nz

Day 32:

Jessica Day 32

Jessica (11yrs) has to remain faceless because her travel companion and person in  charge  wouldn't give me permission to take a picture. Apparendly in Germany you can't take a picture of a minder without consend of the parent. I understand - but it still left me feeling like I had asked for something very unsavoury. Jessica, your boat is lovely and I promissed you that I will show it here!