100 Days Project

Claudia: Vinyl and pixels

I was born 100 years after Thomas Edison first invented the phonograph. I grew up in the era of 70s and 80's vinyl, now I listen to, write and record music in ones, zeros and pixels. During the 100 day project I am documenting my current songwriting processes, from voice memos and notes on my phone to snaps of my workspaces and inspirations. This covers a lot of new writing as well as rewriting and editing of songs in progress.

Day 35:


I've ended up writing down first drafts of songs digitally in the last little while, but i still end up with masses of annotated paper copies, and I really want to keep writing things down actually. maybe pen writing feels more personal and confessional, and less like any other work I think? It's just I've tended to lose the random pieces of paper songs get written down on and at least in my iphone it's always with me for notes or memos. but then i find I lose the sense of change, cos when I write over a note in my phone I dont have the earliest draft anymore. and when I start adding chords to words it's clumsy trying to format them in. I'm sure other writers have much better systems than me.