100 Days Project

Nanogirl: Star Science

Nanogirl wants to find 100 friends to do science experiments with her to prove that no matter who you are or what your education level, you can always have fun with science.

Day 38:

9 year old Emmarose learns about shape memory alloys

Emmarose is 9 and today she helped me with an experiment involving a special type of metal called a shape memory alloy.

For most metals, if they are bent or stretched out of shape, they stay that way.

Emmarose stretched the metal spring I gave to her into a long, stretched out spring. In the photo you can see the original spring on the right and the stretched one on the left.

Because the spring is made from a shape-memory alloy , when it is heated above a certain temperature it will return back to its original shape.
To prove this, we took a hair dryer and heated up the stretched spring and watched it go straight back to its original spring shape.