100 Days Project

Michael: Saving the languishing lyrical gems of modern pop

My aim is to trawl through my memory, my "record collection" and quotation references to unearth great pop poetry, drop it in, shine it up, make a comment or two as to its origin and personal impact. Enlighten? Hmm. Entertain, amuse, I hope. 100 times.

Day 39:

...my real intention

Had a thing for animals, did Mr Smith, and the curio that was 1984's The Top featured more than most. Indeed, the first single was The Caterpillar, although that's technically an insect. I love PITM still; saw it live back then and even now it still resonates. There are so many clever little lines thrown in there, it is worth revealing in its full porcine glory. "The stain reveals my real intention..." ...sex and death: you'd swear Smith was a Catholic...

"Shapes in the drink like Christ
Cracks in the pale blue wall
I'm walking slowly and quickly but always away
I'm twisting twisting to the floor

Flowers in your mouth and the same dry song
The routine from laughter land
Sixteen white legs and a row of teeth
I watch you in secrecy

You're dying for the hope is gone
From here we go nowhere again
Oh I'm trapped in my face and I'm changing too much
I can't climb out the way I fell in, oh


Jump with me for that old forgotten dance
The midnight sun will burn you up
And your life is cold, your life is hard
Your life is too much for words

These occasions are such a relief
Another point, another view to send
Hey hey hey, we start to talk and it's, and it's all so safe
Oh I feed you in my dreams

Footsteps on a wire, high above my head
The stain reveals my real intention
I'm the waiting beast, I'm the twisted nerve

As I dance, dance back to the body in my bed
As I dance, dance back to the body in my bed, to the body in my bed

Look at the piggy, piggy in the mirror
At the piggy, piggy in the mirror..."