100 Days Project

Mallory: 100 days of Heroines

I am greatly inspired by comic books and have a love for creating super powers. For mainstream comics, I would like to see more women featured as lead heroines who have the ability to transform the world. For a 100 days I will be creating a picture and a short excerpt of a heroine and her super power.

Day 4:

Flame Thrower is the twin of Bombshell and has the power to shoot fire from her hands. Her immunity to fire pushes her to be bold and fearless.

Her cropped red hair and sharp blue eyes as well as black and blue heat protected clothing aid her in ruthlessly pursuing corporations and criminals and holding them accountable. She is somewhat sarcastic and ultra-sassy. Her wit and tough attitude is well respected in the RFA.

21st century Women should be courageous and aspire to always do what is right.