100 Days Project

CJ: 100 days of ATCs

I am going to create an ATC (Artist Trading Card - 2 1⁄2 by 3 1⁄2 inches (64 mm × 89 mm)) for every day of the project. These will be completed by utilising papers, offcuts, scraps and ephemera I have already bought or made. I will also endeavour to use products throughout the 100 days, that I have bought but never used. I'm trying to make use of the bits and bobs that I already have rather than buying new.
Each day I will create an ATC about whatever inspires me from the mixed media I am using. It may have a meaning to the day, or just be something that I like the look of from the papers, rubber stamps, ephemera etc that I pick.

Day 49:

Which one will I choose?

It's all about the costumes!

Background was a kitchen towel that had been used to clean up ink on a stamp. I wet the kitchen towel to get the bleed effect of the colours. This was added to the backing card with the serviette technique. 

The image of the lady is a second copy I had and had previously made to look like a belly dancer whilst 'dressing' the other one from day 23.

This was added to ATC, and then the bling and letters were added.