100 Days Project

Jeannie Burnside: ? to ? - The Makings Of My Graduate Project

I will be using my next 100 days to document the development and experimentation that takes place on my journey of creating and completing my Whitecliffe graduate project.

Day 5:

Alternative Packaging

I am still in the process of working out what it is exactly I am wanting to achieve with this project so I thought getting my hands to work might help to clarify things more. This experiment took inspiration from studio Alien and Monkey's sand packaging, a concept that is absolute genius.
I don't really have a clue logistically how it was produced so tried to reproduce as an ametuer using beach sand, water and PVA glue. It<span 1.3;"=""> is still a work in progress (hopefully it will be set tomorrow).

In previous experiments, earlier in the year, I produced my own versions of recycled paper which I then cast to make a milk bottle. Between that experiment and this one I really enjoyed the hands on process in producing the packaging - something I will definitely be taking forward as this project progresses.