100 Days Project

Jacinda: Inkweed

100 black ink drawings of common New Zealand garden weeds (plants found growing where they are not wanted). The drawings, made on A4 paper, will loosely depict the plants' essential characteristics. Where possible I will identify them using the Massey University Weed Database and other online sources. On completion I will output all the drawings as one large poster on photorag paper.

Day 50:


Botanical name: Hedera helix
Family name: Araliaceae

Ivy is a very common plant in gardens.  It can be used as a ground cover, but usually is grown as a vine-like creeper up walls and fences.  Many older buildings around the world have ivy up the walls, which was once considered quaint but now often it gets removed because it can cause problems to the buildings through the roots penetrating cracks or joints in walls. It is considered a weed because it often becomes too aggressive within gardens, and also it makes its way into blocks of native bush where it causes havoc by growing up trees and smothering them with their leaves. (Massey Uni Weeds Database)

Found creeping down from a fence and across the pavement on Invermay Ave.