100 Days Project

Juliane: 100 Characters in 100 Days

I'm trying to create a character every day - a new character based on something I've dreamed or on something which inspired me during the day (I also have some old characters from old stories or dreams which I can use, just in case there are some days I can't come up with a new one).
The aim for me is to train drawing persons and different creatures. And fun, of course :)

Day 6:

006 - Scarlet Red Queen

Years ago I had a really creepy dream about an "Alice in Wonderland"-like story and characters. The antagonist of my dream was this pretty lady, the "Scharlachrote Koenigin" / "Scarlet Red Queen" (she really had this name in my dream). I'm still not sure if she has no eyes at all or if her eyes are just hiding behind her hair, but in my dream she had a fan with eyes on it and she also had three magpies with a third red eye on the forehead which she used to see everything what was going on in her realm. And she really has spider fingers... As I said: Creeeeeepy.

(character from a dream)