100 Days Project

Jonathan: Codey wodey and spinny winny Spanish stuff.

I'm gonna learn to code using codeacademy.com and also teach myself how to use glow poi. (One skill that has practical use and the other is just awesome!) and just for shits and gigs, my mate PMd me on Facebook to learn Spanish with him. Bring on the duolingo.

Day 6:

Day 6. The scenic route.

Had to do a bunch of running around today.

Finally got a chance to get some practice in once I finished work.

Where was work today, you may ask? - The mother fucking Shard.

Didn't learn any particularly amazing moves today (these things take time!) but as a follow up to yesterday's rant about changing my approach, I thought mayhaps doing it each day in a neat new place might be more appropriate (that way I still get 100 guaranteed days of practice, and it's hopefully cool and touristy!)

Did some duolingo! Yuss!

But haven't done any coding - poos (finding a permanent job seems to take precedence over that - even though it's the only skill I'm bothering to try to learn which could potentially get me a job. Meh.)

See ya tomorrow 100 day project website thing which I'm writing into as if it were another person I were conversing with!