100 Days Project

Jacinda: Inkweed

100 black ink drawings of common New Zealand garden weeds (plants found growing where they are not wanted). The drawings, made on A4 paper, will loosely depict the plants' essential characteristics. Where possible I will identify them using the Massey University Weed Database and other online sources. On completion I will output all the drawings as one large poster on photorag paper.

Day 65:

Bristley Oxtongue 2 - in bloom

Helminthotheca echioides

A scratchy old branch from a much larger plant than day 6's young rosette.

Oxtongue (formerly known as Picris echioides) is a broadleafed biennial weed with little to recommend it. It grows almost anywhere and spreads over a large area. Mature plants can grow 60–90cm tall with angled stems that are covered with stiff barbed hairs. Grasping this weed with bare hands is an experience you won’t wish to repeat! The flower heads are yellow with toothed petals and look very similar to dandelions. (NZ Gardener)