100 Days Project

Jacinda: Inkweed

100 black ink drawings of common New Zealand garden weeds (plants found growing where they are not wanted). The drawings, made on A4 paper, will loosely depict the plants' essential characteristics. Where possible I will identify them using the Massey University Weed Database and other online sources. On completion I will output all the drawings as one large poster on photorag paper.

Day 69:

Prickly sow-thistle

Sonchus asper

Found a cluster of these on a neighbouring verge. Looks a lot like sow thistle, but with prickly leaves.

Sonchus asper (sharp-fringed sow thistle, prickly sow thistle, spiny sow thistle, or spiny-leaved sow thistle) is an annual plant with spiny leaves and yellow flowers resembling those of the dandelion. The leaves are bluish-green, simple, lanceolate, with wavy and sometimes lobed margins, covered in spines on both the margins and beneath. The base of the leaf surrounds the stem. Its edible leaves make a palatable and nutritious leaf vegetable. The plant is classified as a noxious weed in some places, but not others. (Wikipedia)