100 Days Project

Jeannie Burnside: ? to ? - The Makings Of My Graduate Project

I will be using my next 100 days to document the development and experimentation that takes place on my journey of creating and completing my Whitecliffe graduate project.

Day 7:


Just as I meet the first week mark I made a pretty big decision ... going forward my project is going to be centred around the basics/value supermarket brand Homebrand. 

This brand gives me so much variety in terms of the the product range it produces, serves a variety of consumers and the minimalist branding of white and red offers a good design challenge - so many opportunities for change. 

Side note: Love how the range incorporates products like olives. A luxury supermarket product with no frills added by branding and packaging. Also the way some products (noodles, baked beans) deviate from the strict Homebrand aesthetic.