100 Days Project

Jonathan: Codey wodey and spinny winny Spanish stuff.

I'm gonna learn to code using codeacademy.com and also teach myself how to use glow poi. (One skill that has practical use and the other is just awesome!) and just for shits and gigs, my mate PMd me on Facebook to learn Spanish with him. Bring on the duolingo.

Day 7:

Day 7 - the underground

Cool.  So I'm 7 days in and now it feels like my project is starting to take on some kind of shape.

It's become more about poi than the other two things (Spanish and coding - which I'm still doing!) and the pretty places around me in which I can practice.

I'm also starting to give less of a fuck about what people think of me when I practice too (oh no! People will see I'm not a professional and judge me for my noobness!)

So I can pretty much practice anywhere there isn't some kind of fine imposed on that sort of thing.

Today, I practised some over the shoulder and around the back turns in the tube. 

I knew I wanted to do something with trains :)

Day 8! Come at me brah!