100 Days Project

Catherine's Garden: To capture my garden’s transformation from winter to spring.

It is mid winter and my garden lies dormant and neglected. Over the next 100 days I will record it's progress and mine as we both wake up to spring!
This is not only going to teach me an awful lot about gardening but also about downloading images. I can see I am going to learn a lot!

Day 8:

Revealations in the garden

Today I found it hard to motivate myself to garden. It was the end of a busy week and I was feeling tired. It was also freezing  cold outside. I decided to put some more pea straw around and do a bit of weeding.

I soon warmed up, with the  help of a few layers, poly props, my bush shirt and a woolley hat. Then my four legged support crew arrived and  I began to feel much better. As I was working away I had a few revealations;

Weeding is under rated. It's good therapy after a busy day.

I need to wear my glasses now when I'm weeding otherwise I can't identify what I'm pulling out.

I revealed a rogue parsley plant growing under a pittosporum tree.

You probably have to be a little narcissistic to take pictures of some menial task your doing and then write about it.