100 Days Project

Juliane: 100 Characters in 100 Days

I'm trying to create a character every day - a new character based on something I've dreamed or on something which inspired me during the day (I also have some old characters from old stories or dreams which I can use, just in case there are some days I can't come up with a new one).
The aim for me is to train drawing persons and different creatures. And fun, of course :)

Day 8:

008 - Hatti

Again a character of an old dream about an "Alice in Wonderland"-like story and characters. This is Hatti, I guess she was my dreams equivalent of the Mad Hatter. She is good with tricks and illusion spells, really stubborn and hot-headed but also incredibly brave. Hatti was the main character in my dream, even when Alice was the "Chosen One" - apropos Alice, Hatti wasn't a great fan of her and was often annoyed by her, but since she hated the Scarlet Queen more she was bent on helping Alice out.

And I really like her hairstyle :3

(character from a dream)